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Short Sales

In today’s economic condition and faltering real estate economy, many homeowners are defaulting on their home resulting in costly foreclosures for both the lenders and the homeowners. Foreclosing on a borrower who cannot afford their payment costs the lenders/banks time and money. A beneficial alternative to this is a short sale. A short sale is when the lender/bank agrees to discount the mortgage/loan of the home due to some condition or financial hardship of the homeowner. Basically the lender/bank is accepting less than what is owed. For example, if homeowner Jim has a mortgage of $200,000 on his home and he is currently experiencing financial hardship, a short sale can be obtained if done right. The short sale if

accepted by the bank will reduce the loan owed to $150,000 for example. The bank/lender simply reduces the amount owed to them and accepts a lower amount allowing Jim to sell the house quicker. Many homeowners are scared or do not know how to contact their lender to do a short sale. A professional familiar with short sales is invaluable in this process.


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